Planet wide Connectivity

Mobile phone service made for the Aid Sector and Media

Celestic is a mobile network built to address the communication challenges of the aid sector and media companies. We understand the critical role you play in making a difference, and the frustrating connectivity issues that can slow you down.

How Celestic helps

  • Global Reach: Use your phone anywhere in the world, no matter how remote or unstable the environment.

  • State of the art Security: Protect sensitive data and communications with our advanced cybersecurity measures.

  • Cost-Effective: Predictable annual billing and unlimited data plans keep your expenses under control.

  • Seamless Management: Easily manage your team's devices and connectivity through our intuitive app and portal.

Celestic empowers

  • One SIM card works globally on multiple networks.

  • We set up private LTE networks when you can't get a connection.

  • Focus on your mission, not your network.

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